“Last night I was very restless and unable to sleep. Tossing and turning thinking about the day’s events as a lot of us were I am sure. I accidentally set off my pendant. Within seconds a voice says ‘Are you OK Rosemary, Do you need help.’ Impressive. I am so happy I enrolled in this service. As an 83 year old widow living alone it gives me a feeling of security.” Rosemary C.


“I had stress in my life which I didn’t want. I wanted to keep my dog, but I was concerned that if something happened to me while driving who would know that my dog was left in the house needing care? What if I died in the house and nobody knew for days?

I signed up for Baja First Alert. I am finally at peace. All I have to do is push the button and help is on the way. If there is no movement for 24 hours, I know someone will check on me and that my dog will be taken care of.” Gloria C.


“I was so happy, this saved my life!” Susan F.

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