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What Happens if you Fall and Can’t Reach The Phone?

Nobody likes to think about these kinds of scenarios, but they happen every day… Do you have a plan?

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What is Postural Hypotension?

How is it related to increased fall risk?

Postural hypotension is a medical term that means your blood pressure drops significantly when you go from lying down to sitting up or standing. This sudden drop in blood pressure can cause you to lose consciousness or feel dizzy. Postural hypotension can be caused by health problems or medications. In many cases, a drop in blood pressure can lead to falls and head injury.

How to Prevent Falls

Here are several ways to minimize your risk of falling:


What you wear on your feet can help prevent falls?

It’s best to wear non-skid, rubber-soled shoes. Avoid high heels and make sure you lace-up your shoes. Non-skid soles that fully support your feet are the safest. Even when at home, you should wear shoes. Walking in socks may cause you to slip and fall.

Questions about Baja First Alert?

GIVE US A CALL +52 (686)348-9008

Baja First Alert helps adults, just like you, maintain their independence while staying safe.

Baja First Alert uses modern-day wireless technology to give you the ability to call for help at any time. Unlike past systems with large clunky boxes, today’s devices are small and discreet. 


You won’t even notice you’re wearing one… unless you need it.

Why do I need a Baja First Alert? Imagine you are at home alone and you fall and hurt yourself. You can’t walk or move. Your home phone is out of reach and so is your cell phone. What can you do? You might shout for help, but what if nobody hears you?

If you have a wearable Baja First Alert Device, you simply push the button and help is on the way. It’s that simple. It makes you safe.

Got a Question?

We are ready to take your call.

GIVE US A CALL +52 (686)348-9008

What if I am away from my home?

Do I still need Baja First Alert?

When you are outside of your home, it might be even more important to stay connected. Let’s say you go for a walk and fall or end up injured in a secluded place. You might be able to make a call with your cell phone, but maybe not. Instead, with a Baja First Alert Device, the simple push of a button calls for immediate help.

GPS technology helps locate you, 24/7

No matter where you are, these devices can find your location.

Even if you can’t make a phone call, the device uses GPS tracking to find you. This system is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can have peace of mind, that in the event you get injured, someone will be able to locate you and send help.

What about if I fall and can’t push the help button?

Again, nobody likes to think about these kinds of serious accidents, but they happen every day. If for some reason you fell and lost consciousness, you wouldn’t be able to push the help button on your device. For that reason, Baja First Alert also offers fall detection. This special design detects when a person falls by using body motion sensors.

The Baja First Alert device can then send for help automatically with no need to call or push a button.

There is no reason why you should put yourself at risk. Baja First Alert is easy to use and affordable.

If you want to be safe, give us a call at +52(686) 348-9008.

What do doctors say about these devices?

Hospitals and doctors fully endorse the use of Medical Alert Systems. The professionals on the front lines of healthcare see the devastating effects of falls every day. They know how critical it is to get help as fast as possible when you get injured.

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