Actual Stories from San Felipe!

We all get insurance for our car, home, and loved ones. We purchase it hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Medical Alert Systems are no different!

Here are some unfortunate situations that could have had dramatically different outcomes, had the person been a client of Baja First Alert! These stories are real and could have been avoided!

Man in His 60s

While working in his backyard, a gentleman fell and a piece of rebar went through his thigh, shattering his femur. For one week, his cries for help went unnoticed until finally a neighbor found him and called for help. That is one week of terrible agony!

Woman in Her 50s

A very active woman was renting a home in San Felipe with her dog. She missed several meetings in San Felipe, but it was assumed she returned to the US for another meeting. After 14 days and a call from loved ones in the US, someone searched the rental home to find she had passed away. The autopsy found she had only been deceased for 5 days, meaning she suffered alone for 9 days with only her dog to provide comfort.

These tragic stories do not have to happen! If you live alone or need peace of mind for your spouse, we can help! Baja First Alert provides 24/7 monitoring for falls, dementia, home invasions, fire, and much, much more! Call us today at 686-348-9008, or come see us Monday – Friday from 10am – 3pm directly across from the El Dorado Ranch, and near the Rancho Market!

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